Clinical and Interventional Cardiology
This unit deals with the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and treats patients who suffer from ischaemic cardiopathy, unstable angina, post-infarct angina, cardiac failure and cardiac arrhythmias. Highly complex cases are also treated, including infarction in the acute phase with thrombolytic therapy unfeasible or ineffective.
Spitali Europian, using both invasive and non-invasive methods and procedures, provides clinical and interventional cardiology services on both an outpatient and inpatient basis.
The non-invasive procedures include:
  • Baseline and pharmacological stress echocardiogram
  • Ultrasound of the arteries (carotid arteries, renal arteries, arteries of the lower limbs), study of the peripheral vessels of the limbs
  • Holter Monitor (continuous monitoring of cardiac activity during the patient’s routine activity)
  • Continuous electrocardiographic monitoring, in bed or through telemetry
  • Ergometric test (exercise electrocardiogram)
The invasive procedures are performed in the haemodynamics laboratories and usually become necessary when situations are detected that cannot be treated with pharmacological therapy alone.
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